7 tried and tested easy self-care tips

Sometimes you have those days, you know, the ones where you feel like you’ve woken up on the wrong side of the bed and it spirals from there. Where it’s more than just a bad hair day or kicking your foot on the side of the bed and everything feels off balance and a little gloomy.
Although we don’t have a total fix for all the obstacles and challenges life throws your way, we do believe in the importance of self-care – something so often underrated and yet SO important! Your mind is one of your most bangin’ features, so you need to look after it.
Our cure for wellness begins with remembering to take the time you need each day (or at least once a week) to recharge your own batteries and reconnect to yourself. You can even set one day aside each week to really dedicate to the temple of you – like Self Care Sunday, for example.
There are loads of ways practice what we’re preaching to serve you as a pick-me up on a bad day, or even a nice way to treat yo’ self. Mental health management and a self care routine often go hand and hand, so check out the below, coz we’re spilling the tea with the best tips you can work into your weekly routine.



Often considered the ultimate in rest and relaxation, spoiling yourself with a massage or mani pedi is a wonderful way to bliss out and felt the stress melt away. If that’s out of your budget, we love an at home face mask in the bath with a cup of tea – ah, bliss.


Sitting snuggled up in bed watching Netflix (bad Rom Com anyone?) or even something a bit emotional so you can have a #goodcry and let it all out. This can be the cathartic release you need and is a great way to take time to care for yourself.


A night in with friends is the ideal way to lift your spirits if you need a little social contact! Invite a few of your nearest and dearest over for a self care sesh. Maybe play some board games and make healthy pizzas or just cosy up on the couch and watch some whodunit style mysteries (bonus points if you can pick the baddie before everyone else).


Why not take a stroll near the beach or parklands for an array of opportunities to feel the sun on your face (yay Vitamin D) and get some much needed fresh air. There’s always the chance you’ll also see some beautiful flora and fauna along the way.


It’s been tried and tested to help boost serotonin (the happy drug) in our brains and bods and it doesn’t have to be boring or extreme! Relaxing exercises include yoga and swimming, or if you’re ready to really feel the burn, go for a run or boxing class.


There’s nothing for the soul quite like giving back to others in need. If you already have a cause you believe in and are passionate about, reach out to see how you may be able to help. If not, a quick search on Google for volunteers or donations in your area will set you on the right step. The best part is it can come in so many forms. It might be volunteering your time at a local animal shelter to walk the dogs or donating blankets and clothes to a charity. Even helping a friend is a valuable way that we can pretty much guarantee will leave you feeling warm and fuzzy inside.


Don’t underestimate the power of delicious scones and tiny sandwiches with their crusts cut off, paired with a little liquid joy in a cup. Whether it’s morning tea, afternoon tea or just some biscuits, a warm and comforting brew can work wonders, giving you the time to focus on yourself in that moment. Awaken your sense with an artisanal saymêgrace herbal tea blend, made locally in Australia using only the freshest ingredients.

Each flavour is uniquely designed to nourish your holistic beauty and wellness from the inside out. We think a cup of our Happy Lil’ Miss Sunshine, an organic energising blend will brighten your spirits in the most delightful way. Plus, they’re the perfect little size, shape and taste to add to your self care kit or as a gift to a friend to share and enjoy.


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