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Three charity projects we have chosen are doing good for women, girls and our land including: The Asylum Seeker Resource Centre, The Hunger Project – Stop Child Marriage and Greening Australia 

Give Shelter

Families who have fled violence and persecution in their own countries are especially vulnerable upon arrival into Australia.

The Asylum Seeker Resource Centre has supported and empowered over 3000 refugees seeking asylum every year, helping to provide a warm bed, food, education, employment support and much more.

The ASRC gives them hope for a safer, brighter future.

Our Impact
$15 = a person seeking asylum in Australia a night of safe housing.


Stop Child Marriage

In some areas of Bangladesh, up to 62% of girls are married before turning 18. These girls are not only denied their childhood, they can suffer from developmental issues due to early pregnancy. They're vulnerable to STD's including HIV, increased risk of domestic violence and have limited opportunities for education and employment.

The Hunger Project trains women to unleash their leadership and capacity to take action in their homes, villages and communities, to stop child marriage, violence against women and girls, discrimination against girl children - and shift hearts and minds on the importance of gender equality.

Our Impact
$5 = enables 50 women to participate in a meeting hosted by trained women leaders, held in safe spaces at the homes of village women, to discuss and learn about critical issues affecting them and their communities, like ending child marriage.


Restore Our Land

Greening Australia is one of the world's largest & most ambitious ecological & restoration projects - to restore 330,000 hectares of native trees across Australia by 2030. Planting 500 million trees and shrubs which will absorb over 1.3 million tonnes of carbon dioxide per year by 2030 and reduce atmospheric carbon pollution.

The urgency & scale of this project has been escalated in the wake of the bushfires in 2020 and we especially feel the need to support this vial project.

Our Impact
$50 = plants enough trees and shrubs to store 1 tonne of carbon dioxide